About Consultancy

Next Plan Development Ltd. is the name of a renowned Architectural & Engineering consulting firm in Sylhet to provide modern technologies & services in construction arena. Consultancy & expertise at the high edge level are reflected for the construction of high & low rise buildings. Qualified and high professional engineers, architects & technicians are working together in a team for planning & designing of a building. All Designs are prepared through applying modern digital technology. Attractive computer network establishes to provide digital technology. Every effort is taken for ensuring the quality of design work for all the time. Economy design is always preferred to minimize the cost of construction.

Services we are offering currently:

Architectural Design: Preparation of detailed floor plans of every floor showing all of the modern facilities. Details of elevations such as front elevation, side elevation as well as sectional elevation of the building showing staircase and over head water tank etc. Proposed location of the underground water tank, septic tank, and overhead water tank
etc. Three dimensional presentation of the proposed building.

Land Planning & Plotting:
You have a piece of land and want to plan it for the purpose of housing project or any other project. We will first survey your land properly and will take necessary data and then can make it into plots providing all the facilities including road, drains etc.

3D modeling: Visualization is a most important feature, how will be the facade of the new building? By using modern technology and advanced design software, we can visualize your dream before establishing it.

Animation: Marketing of a project is very important for the purpose of trading. We can prepare animation slides for advertising in TV or any other popular media.

Structural Design: Preparation of layout plan, details of column and footing showing reinforcement placement, design of beams, slabs etc show details of reinforcement placement. Structural design has been performed based on Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) and in accordance with earthquake regulations.

Electrical Design: Preparation of detail electrical drawing showing the cables layout with location of all of the amenities such as fans, light, TV, fridge, Air conditioner etc and their connectivity with switch board and Main distribution board and thereafter with the sub-station .

Plumbing & Sanitary Design: Preparation of detail plumbing layout showing all of the fittings & fixture of bathroom, wash basin, kitchen etc. Plan of water supply & distribution line, sewerage, waste water & storm water pipeline & their connectivity including position of duct line, layout of inspection pit and drain out line which leads to the waste water and sewage to their respective destination.

Fire fighting system design: Provision for fire fighting system and safety escape is crucial issue at the moment. We will provide the detail planning and design in accordance with fire fighting and safety regulation.

Graphic Design: Preparation of leaflets, design of sign boards, bill boards & brochures design including 3-D presentation & showing details of floor plans with interior decoration of all of the fittings & fixture and their respective placement for the purpose of marketing.

Cost Estimation: Details material requirement & amount of cost involved for a proposed work can be evaluated, so that clients can assess their financial involvement to the project. We do also prepare estimation for the purpose of seeking loan from any financial institution.

Renovation work: Sometime renovating becomes very important because of bad workmanship & would be a proper solution to modernize your building by providing attractive design using advanced technique and design software. You could change the facade or outlook of your existing building rather than demolishing the whole one.

Supervision of the project: NPDL believes that supplying proper drawing & design doesn’t ensure good construction work. During construction it is very important to ensure that the work is going on as per drawing & design. We have a group of experienced & qualified engineers who can take the responsibility to ensure the quality of work in accordance with the supplied drawing & design.