Message from the desk of Managing Director:

Photo - NPDL Managing Director

Engr Md. Jowel Ahmed Chy
Managing Director
Next Plan Development Limited

Population booming is a real crisis in our country especially in big cities. Scarcity of land
makes this problem intense. To accommodate the dwellers is now being prime concern.
Government as well as private entrepreneurs have given special emphasis to solve the
residential problem in the large cities. Sylhet is one of the largest and divisional city of
Bangladesh. As the population is increasing, accommodation as well as commercial &
recreational places become scant at present.

NPDL has started its business as an engineering consultancy firm, but later we have felt
that there is a real scarcity in the real estate sector in Sylhet. Recently NPDL came up as
a developer Company as well as a engineering consulting firm. We are always committed
to quality, transparency, cost reduction & good service. We believe, our effort & your
faith are enough to make your dream true.

Our previous achievements & records speak for us. In the recent past we were and insha-
allah in the future we will remain to make your cherished dream true.

With Best Regards