Message from the desk of Deputy Managing Director:

Photo - NPDL Executive Director

Engr Jubel Ahmed Chy
B. Sc. Engg. (Civil)
Deputy Managing Director
Next Plan Development Limited

Few years past, there was a real chaos in the field of consultancy as well as real estate sector in Sylhet. Lack of awareness about construction process and scarcity of professionally committed engineering consultancy firm are the main reasons for this chaos. At such a critical moment Next Plan development ltd has started its endeavor in the field of consultancy. From the very beginning, we are always emphasizing on the quality of work.

Earthquake is a great concern & much talkative issue of Bangladesh now days, especially for Sylhet as we are situated geographically in severe earthquake zone. NPDL is very much aware about this issue and all of our structural design is being carried out on the basis of Earthquake & Wind force specification of Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC). Safety is our first priority, considering this all of our structural design has been carried out as per BNBC Code inconjuction with American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standard of Testing Materials (ASTM) codes.

NPDL believes that first & most important things are delivering proper drawing & design to ensure safety & quality of work. Material quality and monitoring during construction are the two other important factors which have also a great influence on quality of work. That is why during construction it is very important to ensure that the work is going on
as per drawing & design and materials brought have been tested by designated testing authority before use.

Considering this we always emphasize on proper supervision of the projects .Our vision is to build up quality work by quality people & quality materials. We have a group of experienced & qualified engineers who can take the responsibility of ensuring the quality of work in accordance with the supplied drawing & design. Expert workmanship is also an important factor. In this regard our view is crystal clear that we will have no compromise with quality & be honest with customers, thus make a difference with other firms engaged in this field.

Last but not the least client’s satisfaction is the most important thing to us. To meet their taste & demand, we are always working relentlessly to improve our services and to find out new concepts & innovative design of architectures. Insha-allah we will be step forward in future with your support & well wishes as it was in the past.

With Best Regards