Architectural Design:

Preparation of details floor plans of every floor showing all of the modern facilities. Details of elevations such as front elevation, side elevation as well as sectional elevation of the building showing staircase and over head water tank etc. Propose the location of the underground water tank, septic tank, and overhead water tank etc.Three dimensional
presentation of the proposed building, Plotting & landscape design for housing project development.


Structural Design:

Preparation of layout plan, details of column and footing schedule and their appropriate design showing details dimensions and reinforcement placement. Design of grade beam, roof beam, slab, stair case, water & septic tank, lift core, false slab, lintel, drop walls etc showing details measurement and reinforcement placement. Structural design has been performed based on Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) and in accordance with earthquake regulations.


Electrical Design:

Preparation of detail electrical drawing showing the location of the fans, light, and other amenities such as TV, fridge, Air conditioner etc and their switch board, sockets, Main distribution board etc. Detail circuit diagram alone with maintain the proper load calculation their connectivity and thereafter the sub-station and its design.


Plumbing & Sanitary Design:

Preparation of detail plumbing layout showing all of the fittings & fixture of bathroom, wash basin, kitchen etc. Plan of water distribution and sewage pipeline, their location & connectivity including storm water pipeline. Position of duct line & layout of inspection pit and drain out line which leads the waste water and swage to their respective destination.


Graphic Design:

Preparation of multicolor leaflets, design of sign boards, bill boards & brochures design including 3D presentation & showing details of floor plans with interior decoration of all of the fittings & fixture and their respective placement for the purpose of marketing.


Real Estate Development:

Do you have a piece Land and want to buildup it? Do not have enough time and manpower to engage on it or don’t want to invest yourself. You can undoubtedly rely on us. We are the right organization who will give you hassle free service and will be developed your land in accordance with your satisfaction. We will offer you very competitive and attractive percentage of apportion.


Building Contact:

You have your land and have enough funds to invest but do not have enough time and manpower or do not like any hassle then you can take our heartiest service. We will take the overall responsibility from the beginning to the absolute dead end of your project. Please visit us and consult with us, we are always ready to offer you very competitive and reasonable price.


Full-time supervision:

We do supervise the project launched by NPDL for full time basis in order to ensure that the work has been carried out in accordance with the supplied drawing & design and also to maintain the standard quality of work. We will take the full responsibility of the projects and our engineers will be vigilant for full time in the project sites.


Part-time supervision:

We do also available for part-time supervision of the project delivered by NPDL, especially for low rise building where the owner will take full responsibility of the project and whenever owners feel experts advise are necessary for the work and request us to supervise the project, our engineers will then go & visit these projects and give necessary instruction for the betterment of the project.


Fire fighting system design:

Provision for fire fighting & control and safety escape is must for any building especially for high rise building whether it is residential or commercial. For this reason fire fighting system design is crucial at this moment. We do provide the detail planning and design in accordance with fire fighting and safety regulation.


3D modeling:

Visualization is a most important feature now a day. How will be the facade of the new building is first and prime concern of our customers. Three dimensional (3D) presentations can only be able to visualize your dream before establishing it. We are very sincerely present your building by using modern technology and advanced design software.



We do prepare animation slides for advertising in the digital media. Marketing of a project is a very important for the purpose of trading. Advertising in TV is a very well-known medium of marketing. So if you want have your project in TV advert, you can come forward to us, we will do the rest.


Cost Estimation:

Details material requirement of a proposed building is a crucial important matter. Amount of cost involved of a proposed work is thus possible to evaluate, so that our clients can assess their financial involvement to the project. We do as well prepare estimation for the purpose of seeking loan from any financial institution.



Want to know the area of your land, direction and exact dimension or the contour map of your land. Our survey team will visit physically and collect data & will put it into digitalize form.


Land Planning & plotting:

You have a piece of land and want to plan it for the purpose of housing project or any other project. We will first survey your land properly and will take necessary data and then can make it into plots providing all the facilities including road, drains etc.


Soil Test:

Most important thing is to explore the sub soil for the purpose of design the foundation of the building. Without soil test, it is impossible to determine the foundation of the structure. We have good team for exploring sub soil. Our expert will visit the site, collect data & soil sample and will then determined the bearing capacity of soil based on that data.


Renovation work:

Renovating is one of our services among others. Sometimes renovation becomes very important because of bad workmanship or if you want to change the facade of your building or out looking of your existing building is longer attract you and you want to change it rather than demolishing the whole one. We are the right people who can assist you for this purpose. We can modernize your building by providing very attractive design using advanced technique and design software.